Monday, September 28, 2009

Seaside Letters, A Nantucket Love Story by Denise Hunter, Thomas Nelson publisher

This is a about Sabrina. A young woman who falls in love and hides her feelings from the very one who could give her the love she so desperately wants.

I read the first third of the book in one sitting. I was drawn in by Ms. Hunter’s original plot with its many subtle twist and turns. She built the plot up layer by layer with the usual premise of a woman falling in love with a man named Tucker whom she met on line. Nothing different about that, however Ms. Hunter introduces her first twist in the introduction when Tucker approaches Sabrina with an offer. Please help me find the woman I have fallen in love with on line. It doesn’t take long before Sabrina realizes Tucker is looking for her. Sabrina however doesn’t want to be found and does everything she can to stay hidden even as she falls deeper in love.

There were points in the book I wished Ms. Hunter had flushed out a little more, such as Sabrina’s insecurities about her appearance. Also I would have appreciated more details on the background of Sabrina's family and her landlady, mystery writer Renny. Those things would have added more definition and substance to the story and made it more believable. These characters have a profound impact on Sabrina’s life, but the reader comes away knowing little about them. That said I would have no problems reading another book by this storyteller. I am member of Thomas Nelson’s Book Review Blogger.


  1. I'm just a little unclear on how he finds her but doesn't realize that she is the one he is in love with! : )

  2. You make me curious to read more from this novelist too. I enjoyed reading your review. So often, I too wish that a novelist would give us more about a character. I love character-driven stories.

  3. Jenners-Oh that was so tricky to keep a secret. They communication under assumed names on email. Half the fun is the twist and turns involving idenity.

  4. Septmom,
    Yeah a get a little needy when it comes to that. After I put the book down I was wondering about some of the characters.