Monday, August 17, 2009

Let Go: live free of the burdens all women know by Sheila Walsh

Let go is a command. Using scripture, quotes, stories, and personal testimonies. Ms. Walsh‘s book focuses on God’s faithful promise of love and deliverance in any circumstance.

Ms. Walsh is a student of the bible. She used her skills to make scriptures come to life with a fresh perspective. One example was the tale of Hagar, the slave of Sarah, Abraham’s wife found in the old testament. Her take changed my perspective of Hagar. I left the chapter feeling more compassion for the woman I previously considered an interloper.

The wisdom found on the pages of Let Go is timeless. I would recommend Let Go as message of hope. It is an effective tool for those facing life struggles and challenges. Kudos to Ms.Walsh for sharing so that others can Let Go and walk free.


  1. Another excellent review & another book I shall have to read.
    Thank you!

  2. Letting go is important for body, mind & soul. I'm doing that right the form of getting away from it all! :)

  3. Great review:) thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog yesterday! I love meeting new writers and bloggers! And how exciting that you are writing your first novel! What is it going to be about? Also thanks for giving the readers the right link for the Goodhousekeeping contest-- I hope someone we know wins!