Monday, October 18, 2010

The Least Among You- A DVD review

The Least Among You is film written and directed by Mark Young. It's a story of a young man who is falsely arrested and faces prison. He is offered an alternative. Attend a all white seminary on probation for two semesters. The story is  based on the actually events of real life minister Richard Kelly portrayed by Cedric Sanders. So many layers to explore in this story.  It should be a much better film.  However the filmmakers missed opportunites to deepen the story and I was left disappointed by the telling.
One thing obvious in the movie is the faith of Richard's Mother. However other than a few short scenes in the beginning we don't see her again. We learn from brief phone conversations with Richard his younger brother disturbing news about their mother. Yet we don't see her again. A missed opportunity.

Two scenes in the movie depict brutal acts of violence. Based on that, I wouldn't recommend it for children of any age. Especially when one act of violence is against a child. All the violence against Richard was perpetrated by other African Americans. It was if the film maker was saying, his problem was really with his own people and environment, not the blatant racism at the school. That made me uncomfortable.

The film is however well acted with gifted people like Louis Gossett Jr., William DeVane and Lauren Holly. Ms. Holly's performance was incredible. I wanted to know more about her character and the pain she suffered. Yet once again a missed opportunity and more disappointment.
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  1. Thanks for the review. I'd not heard of this movie. I'm sorry it was so disappointing. It's a gift to be able to analyze something and see what could be improved. So, when you write your story, you know how to do it right!