Sunday, August 2, 2009

A new blog.

Since I was a kid I have been a reader. My mom was a reader and she passed the love of words on to us. It was a way for me to connect to worlds I knew nothing about. Learn of people I never met. Because I love books so much I decided to start writing reviews for the following reasons:

  1. The practice of putting a limited number of words on paper with a deadline is becoming more appealing to me.
  2. What a chance to give my opinion?
  3. I always wonder if reviewers read the whole book and I know I will.
  4. Best reason of all, I get to read more.(which means learn more to me)
  5. I will watch less TV
  6. I will build my library
  7. I will practice a new skill
  8. It could be a useful tool to promote writers
  9. It could be a useful tool to promote me(that's right their is no shame in my game)
  10. Could involve free books.

Look for my first review soon. Happy reading.


  1. I shall look forward to your first review.
    Good luck!
    I too am a book lover!